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Active COBRA Member Listing

This report will give you a listing of all COBRA members – enrolled, pending, terminated, etc. – all statuses.

  • Log into COBRApoint from www.sentinelgroup.com
  • Go to Reports / Standard Reports / Qualified Beneficiary Plan Members
  • Leave date defaulted to today’s date.
  • Change report format to Comma Separated Values Text File
  • Once you click Run Report, you will be brought to another screen. Click on Job Queue.
  • Under Download Results, click View (or refresh if still running) and download the report.
  • Filter the report under Column AA to obtain Enrolled and/or Pending members. Below are the codes you will see in this column.

P (Pending) - Pending
PR (Pending Received) - Returned election form, but haven’t paid yet.
E45 (Enrolled in 45 Day Grace Period) - Elected, made a portion of first payment – still in 45 day grace period
E (Enrolled) – Enrolled and paying
TP (Terminated Pending) – Termed, never elected
TE (Terminated Enrolled) – Termed, was enrolled