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HRA / HSA / FSA Comparison Chart

Who is Eligible?Any employee, subject to employer's eligibility requirements. Sometimes tied to health plan (may require HDHP).An individual who is covered under a qualified HDHP, is not covered by Medicare and cannot be claimed as a tax dependent.Any employee, subject to employer's eligibility requirements.
Who owns the account?EmployerEmployeeEmployer
Is the account portable? (Can it transfer after leaving employer?)Usually NoYesNo
Do the funds earn interest?Usually No. The employer can credit interest if funds are invested.Yes, interest accrues tax-free.No
Do unused funds carryover to the next year?Possibly. This is not required and depends on the plan set up.YesPossibly. Some plans offer a rollover of unused funds up to $640. Check your plan details.
Who can contribute to the plan?Employer OnlyEmployee, Employer, IndividualEmployee and/or employer
Is the plan COBRA eligible?Yes
Can funds be taken out for non-medical related expenses?NoYes, however, non-medical withdrawals are taxable and subject to a 10% penalty if under the age of 65 at time of withdrawal.No
Maximum ContributionLimit set by employer.For 2024, $4,150 if the person has single coverage, $8,300 if family coverage.Limit set by the employer. (Up to $3,200 for 2024)