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Claim Reimbursement Options

Sentinel Debit Card

Participants that take advantage of the debit card will enjoy an 80% auto-adjudication rate which means that your participants will not typically need to submit documentation of their activity to Sentinel. Instead, the transaction will automatically reduce their account balance. Even better, participants will not need to pay out-of-pocket and wait to be reimbursed.

Electronic Claims

In the event that participants did not use the Sentinel debit card at the point of purchase, a plan participant has the ability to submit an electronic claim request to Sentinel for reimbursement by completing a few simple steps:

  • Log in at sentinelgroup.com
  • Select Reimburse Myself or Pay a Provider from the “I Want To…” section of the home page
  • Follow the claim filing wizard to enter the claim details and upload receipt(s)

In addition, included in the functionality of our mobile app is the ability for participants to file new claims and submit associated receipt images all from their phone or other mobile device. Participants can submit a claim, take a photo of their supporting documentation, and attach the image to the claim. Important! Participants should keep all of their receipts or other substantiation of reimbursement claims in case of an audit of their personal tax return.

Paper claim form 

Download a claim form and submit a claim to Sentinel. Participants can download the claim form by visiting sentinelgroup.com. The form will explain how to remit the claim and substantiation to Sentinel for adjudication.