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Annual Participant Notice Access and Delivery Requirements

Each year plan sponsors will be required to distribute disclosure notices for their qualified retirement plans. These notice can be distributed via hard copy or electronic meeting specific DOL and IRS requirements. Your plan design will dictate the notices included in the package. Commonly seen notices will include:

  1. 404a5 Participant Fee Disclosure
  2. Safe Harbor Notice
  3. Qualified Default Investment Notice (QDIA)
  4. Automatic Enrollment Notice

These notices must be distributed Annually 30 days prior to the plan year, but no more than 90 days prior. 

Delivery Requirements

If your employees are required to use a computer and access the employer’s information systems from wherever they work as part of their job functions, electronic delivery of required notices and other documents to current employees can be an efficient and cost-effective delivery method. If that is not the case, electronic delivery can be highly problematic and burdensome, and usually isn’t worth the trouble. Keep in mind that, regardless of the delivery method used for active employees, former employees must either meet the elaborate consent requirements outlined in the below document or receive paper copies of required disclosures. 

To that end, Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group not only has online reporting options to assist you in meeting these notification requirements, but we offer a mailing solution (for a nominal fee) to either some or all of your plan participants.  Your plan consultant can provide you all the details on where to find the online reports or our mailing services.  Feel free to reach out to them today.

Full details of the requirements can be found here: Electronic Delivery of Required Notices and Disclosures.pdf

Sentinel Mailing Fulfillment

Need help in meeting your annual notice obligations? Sentinel can assist in the distribution!

Our fulfillment service includes an acknowledgement letter certifying the specific number of participant notices that were mailed and the mailed date. The acknowledgement letter may be helpful in the event of a Department of Labor audit.

The cost of our fulfillment service varies based on number of printed packages:

The rates above do not include the cost of postage, which will be added to the order. Minimum price per order is $100.

For more information on the service or to sign up for the service please visit our fulfillment page or contact your Sentinel plan representative: