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How to EFILE Form 5500 (5500-SF) - FT William

Once you receive the notification link from Sentinel Benefits your forms are ready for submission, please select the link provided in the e-mail. This will land your on the FT William login page:

Enter your Login Name and Password. If your first year filing this information will be provided via the previously mentioned e-mail. If subsequent year filing, and credentials are not know, please use the forgot password link in blue.

If your first time accessing you will also be asked to establish security questions and establish a new password:

You will then arrive at the home page where you will see the option to "E-Sign 5500"

To review and submit the filing, please do the following:

  1. You will need to select the” Print 5500” option first. Keep a signed copy for you files.
  2. Then you will enter your DOL Credentials (DOL User ID and 4 digit PIN).
    • If a different person is signing the form, you can select “Change Name” to update the correct with the correct signer’s name.
      Then select “Sign 5500”.
  3. You can then check the status of the filing, by selecting the “Check 5500 Status” option at the home page. You want to have a status of “Accepted”.

You will also receive e-mail notification to the e-mail address assigned to the account notifying you of submission and acceptance.