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Monthly Client Remittance Report

Each month when the COBRA Monthly Reimbursement payment is received, run the following report out

of COBRApoint to match up the COBRA participants with the money received. Deposits this month will

be for activity in the prior month. For example, a deposit made or check received in October will be for

monies collected from COBRA members during September so you will want to run the September report

indicated below.

  • Log into COBRApoint through Sentinel’s web site – www.sentinelgroup.com
  • On the left, Imports & Reports / Accounting Reports / Remittance
  • Select “Report” on the right next to the month you would like to view.
    • If looking for a particular Division, select that Division on the right.
  • Select the report format you would like.
  • Type in your email to be notified when ready (report runs instantly, no waiting).
  • Run report.
  • From next screen, select Job Queue.
  • Under ‘Download Results’, select View.