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Invoices (Reimbursement Accounts)


Invoices for monthly administration fees are issued monthly and will include fees for services performed by Sentinel during the previous month. Typically there will be a separate invoice for each plan that you offer. All invoices are delivered via email and can include multiple recipients. If you would like to update the distribution list for your invoice emails, please contact your account manager. Invoices are also available through the Sentinel Employer Portal.

Calculation of Fees & Back-Up Report

Each month you will be billed for all active employees enrolled in a benefit plus terminated employees with an available balance in their account (FSA and HRA plans). Billing for terminated employees in FSA/HRA will end once their account balance reaches zero or at the end of the plan year, whichever comes first. Billing for terminated employees in a HSA plan will end the month following their termination. For FSA & Commuter accounts you will only be billed once for each employee regardless of the number of plans they have enrolled in. For example, if an employee is enrolled in both Medical FSA and Dependent Care, you would be billed for one participant.

As supporting documentation, Sentinel generates a Billing Report each month that lists all employee accounts included in the calculation of your monthly fee. To access the report go to the Reports tab of the online Employer Portal and locate the Billing Report.

Prior Invoices

Prior invoices can be accessed online through the Sentinel Employer Portal.

  • Go to www.sentinelgroup.com, hover over the “Login” button at the top of the page and click “Employers”
  • First time users can click the “Sign Up Now” link below the Sign In button and follow the setup instructions to create a password and enable multi-factor authentication.
  • Returning users enter your existing email address and password.
  • Additional information about the Employer Portal can be found here.


Invoice payments are due within 30 days of the billing date. Sentinel offers multiple payment options including check, ACH or direct debit. For payment information or to set up auto-pay through direct debit, please contact your account manager.


Visit our Billing FAQs page for additional information.