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Transportation Election Changes

Unlike Health and Dependent Care FSA elections, employees may change their Transit and Parking elections on a monthly basis. Generally, election changes should be effective the month following notification of the change.

Updating Transit/Parking Elections via the Employer Portal

  • Log into the Employer Portal. (Click here for login instructions)
  • From the Home page of the Sentinel Employer Portal in the Your Accounts section, click "Reimbursement Accounts" to access the FSA/HRA/HSA portal.
  • Select the Employees tab from the menu on the left, locate the employee from the list or search for the employee by name.
  • Select the Enrollments tab and click on the enrollment you wish to update.
  • Click the Edit Enrollment button.
  • Enter the effective date and new election amount, and click the Add button.

As a result, the enrollment screen should look similar to the one below. In this example the employee initially elected $270 per month effective 1/1/2021 and subsequently changed their election to $0.00 per month effective 2/25/2021.