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Electing Plan Changes for Consolidated Appropriations Act

If you would like to make any plan changes in relation to the Consolidated Appropriations Act, please click here to notify Sentinel of your elections. 

Once your submission is received and the details are confirmed, Sentinel will make the appropriate updates in our system. Additionally, we will complete a Section 125 Plan Document Amendment later in 2021, as formal amendments are not required until December 31, 2021. With that said, your plan can apply the changes immediately (before the Plan Amendment is formally signed) and the changes should be communicated to employees. The cost of the Amendment will be $175 (or as otherwise stated in your Services Agreement) for adoption of any of these changes and the subsequent plan document work.
If you have questions regarding this legislation, or would like to discuss how adopting any of these provisions might impact your plan, please contact your Sentinel FSA Account Manager.