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Debit Card Overview

The Sentinel debit card makes it fast and convenient for participants to access the money in their account. The debit card contains the available balance of all Sentinel accounts and tracks it by account type – healthcare, dependent care, HSA, transit or parking. Participants can use the Benny Card to pay for qualified medical and dental expenses not covered by your insurance plan(s), pay a childcare provider directly or use it to pay for parking and transit expenses. The Benny Card automatically deducts the cost of eligible expenses from the corresponding account. 

  • All debit cards are issued in sets of two. The employee can use one card and make the second card available for a spouse or dependent. 

  • All cards come in the employee's name and have the same card number. Because the debit card is signature-based, spouses or dependents just need to sign the back of the card and it is their card to use. 

  • Additional cards may be ordered at a fee of $5 per set.

  • Debit cards must be activated prior to use by calling the number located on the sticker on the front of the card. One call will activate both cards.

  • Debit cards have an expiration date 3 years out from the issue date. Employees re-enrolling in a benefit will retain the same card and their new election will be added. Only employees enrolling for the first time and those with expiring cards will receive new cards during open enrollment.

  • All reimbursement account benefits administered by Sentinel are stored on one card. If an employee has more than one account, credit card processing data tells the card which account to pull from.