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Updating Employee Status for Reimbursement Accounts

It is important to update Sentinel in a timely manner if an employee terminates employment or takes a leave of absence. Employee status changes can be submitted online by following the steps below.


  • Log into the Employer Portal. (Click here for login instructions)
  • From the Home page of the Sentinel Employer Portal in the Your Accounts section, click "Reimbursement Accounts" to access the FSA/HRA/HSA portal.
  • Select the Employees tab from the menu on the left, locate the employee from the list or search for the employee by name.
  • From the employee profile click the Status hyperlink under the employee name at the top of the screen.
  • Select the new status from the drop-down menu (Active, Terminated or LOA).
  • Enter the Effective Date.
  • Click the Add button.

Click here for a video overview.

Please note, selecting LOA status will automatically suspend the employee debit card and not allow claim submission for services during the leave period. If you would like to allow claim payments during leave (i.e. FMLA protected leave or paid leave) please be sure to check the box that says "Allow Services to be incurred while on LOA" when entering the new status.