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Debit Card Tracking Reports

The Employer Portal offers two reports that may be helpful to you in tracking employee debit cards. Both reports can be run by logging into the Employer Portal online and accessing the Reports tab.

Debit Card Mail Date Report

This report will list all debit cards mailed for the plan during the time-frame you specify when requesting the report. The mail date listed on the report indicates the date the cards were sent via regular mail from the card issuer. Cards should arrive at the participants home address within 7-10 days of the order date. Extended processing times may occur at year end.

Debit Card Status Report

This report will list all debit cards issued for the plan. The following data points are included:

  • Participant Name
  • Last four digits of card number
  • Card status (Active, Suspended, Closed or Ready to Activate)
  • Mail Date